Before I started working with Kristin I was lacking motivation to eat healthier and stay on track with exercise. I felt like I was stuck in the same cycle. Her program is simple

to understand and not a big time commitment. Kristin is down to earth, and 

understands how to navigate a busy lifestyle and provide simple changes that, together, make a difference! I am grateful for her guidance and accountability.


I have struggled with my weight for years, ever since I had children, and I have tried every diet out there. I have lost weight but always gained it back because I was never able to sustain all the restrictions that made the diet "work" in the first place. Then I met Kristin who is an RN like myself and also a health coach. We started in July with little changes and gradually made more little changes throughout the last few months. I love the one one one personalized approach that is realistic and fits into my VERY busy lifestyle! I get to live my life, things can come up and Kristin is right there to guide me through it. While the change in my size is obvious I am also healthier and stronger both physically and mentally than I have ever been. Thank you Kristin for always believing in me! 


I started working with Kristin because of her background as a nurse and in women's health. I was tired, lost, unmotivated and needed a change. Kristin taught me a lot about nutrition, carbs, protein, recipes, I am eating better and that is a huge goal of mine met! Kristin is willing and able to meet you where you are at and even if you have a setback find a new way to get you connected to your overall health goals. She is always there for extra push and encouragement.


Between a demanding career and the pandemic I was feeling bloated, depressed, tired and lethargic. A friend told me about how amazing she was feeling working with Kristin and that was it, I signed up! Since I started working with Kristin I feel so much better and have a lot more energy. That was my main goal. My overall health and well being has improved greatly and my mid-section has gotten way smaller. I love that you don't have to restrict food intake. You just need to eat smarter and count  macros. It works like magic! It's nice to be accountable

to someone even though there is no pressure!