My Story-How Small Steps Lead to Big Change!

I’m Kristin. I am a Mom, Wife, Nurse + Health Coach. Over the past few years, I have dramatically improved my autoimmune symptoms and fatigue by changing my diet and lifestyle. I want to help you to make small changes to your lifestyle that will lead to big improvements in your health too.

Growing up in the 80’s when the mantra was “fat makes you fat,” my diet consisted of mostly carbs and low fat or fat-free processed foods. My childhood nutrition included home cooked meals and the occasional frozen TV dinners, canned fruit, packaged meals and fast food. From grade school through my teens, I suffered from acne and severe heartburn. I exercised when I could but ate a TON of processed food. As it turns out, I had no idea what it meant to live a healthy lifestyle, and I didn’t know where to begin.

In my 20’s, I experimented with different diets, exercising WAY too much and my weight went up and down, but my heartburn, fatigue, and bloating continued.

When my youngest son, who has always been very thin, went for his annual physical at age 10 he had lost weight from the previous year. He has always been on the small side so we hadn’t really noticed, except for looking back I had not had to buy him any new clothes all that year! He had various minor health concerns over the past few years but nothing that ever sparked more than a test that would come back normal. With the weight loss he was tested for Celiac Disease and surprising to us that came back positive. They had the rest of the family tested and I came back positive. That is where our journey navigating autoimmune disease and a gluten free lifestyle began.

My diagnosis totally explained why I was always so bloated and uncomfortable by the end of every day and especially when I ate bread heavy or had beer. Totally explains the 20 years of heartburn I had too!

We immediately cleaned all the gluten out of the house and within a few months I felt better. I started to think more clearly. My brain fog had lifted. My skin and heartburn started to clear and my bloat was nonexistent! My research told me that gluten takes weeks to come out of your system, but just knowing that I was taking control, that I was on a new path towards better health, made my world a brighter place. Eight months after going gluten free, I was still feeling stronger and more energized.

It turns out I was not alone. Many others with autoimmune diseases were finding relief by making dramatic changes to their diets. I found that people were finding relief in a variety of ways, from eliminating meat and dairy, to converting to a vegan lifestyle, or starting a Paleo protocol (eliminating all grains, legumes, dairy, and refined sugars). As I continued to see what worked best for my own body, my health continued to improve. I started eating grass-fed organic meats and other quality sources of protein. I tried new vegetables. I discovered intermittent fasting. I cut down on eating processed foods and refined sugars. It wasn't always easy, but knowing that I had the power to improve my own health made it all worth it.

As a nurse I knew that helping others in the way I was helping my family was something I was passionate about. I enrolled in the Precision Nutrition Certification program to learn more and started my private coaching practice. I can now lead others on their own journey to better health. The same foods will impact people in very different ways. What heals one individual can be harmful to another. We can work together to discover what diet and lifestyle changes can be most beneficial for YOU. The human body is an incredible thing. It can overcome many ailments that you deal with every day.

Given the proper nutrients and care, your body can, and will, heal itself.

Contact me today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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