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A Game Plan for Stress & The Holidays

5 quick tips to navigate the holiday season with grace and health!


First on the list? Stay hydrated! Water is so important for both your body and your mind (in fact, studies actually show that dehydration can cause elevated cortisol levels, making it difficult to shake off stress), so keeping water near you at all times is an excellent idea. I love using a fun straw cup like this one to keep me sipping all day long because they come in several different colors and are easy to fill and take on the go or around the house! I always have mine near me!


Sleep is incredibly important my friend! In fact, while exercise also plays a major role in health, I suggest opting for sleep over a workout or working later. Sticking to a regular sleep routine can help your emotional health as well as your physical health by decreasing stress on the body.

If you have trouble falling asleep, consider adding CBD to your routine 30 minutes before bed – these drops have really changed my sleeping game, and (especially important) were created by a brand that I trust. The support is amazing and it can also help with stress and inflammation. It has been a game changer for me. If you are interested in trying them you can get $20 off your order using promo code: KRISTINGAUTHIER78


Here’s the deal, enjoying the holiday season means enjoying the cookies, treats, and big meals that come with it. Instead of worrying about every bite that is going into your body (I’ve been there, and the stress it caused was *not* worth it), choose to aim for a few servings of vegetables each day, and then enjoy yourself when/if the indulgences present themselves.

Do what feels good in the moment...if you are stuffed but really want that pie or cookie, just wrap it up and eat it later. Hydrate and eat some vegetables and give yourself grace, this has been a crazy year!


Stretching yourself thin can definitely be a huge stressor. Instead, consider this your permission slip to take the easy route wherever you can this holiday season! Use the pre-made pie crust, skip making the extra sides for your Christmas dinner, and ask for help whenever you need it. This holiday season, say “yes” to the things you really *want* to do, and allow yourself to say “no” to the things that don’t make you excited. Use 2020 as an excuse to order your holiday dinner or maybe just do apps or fondue. Make it fun and stress-free!

I took Christmas cards off my plate this year since I was viewing it as "just one more thing to do" and not because I enjoy Happy Holidays & Happy New Year 💕 The Gauthier Family


We know, we know, self-care takes time, and time is often not something you have extra of. Especially when you have a family to take care of and dinner to get on the table! Here’s the deal, though: taking time for yourself (especially in the form of self-care) will help you to be your calmest, most reasonable, and joyful self.

This can be so hard to do but one thing I try to do is literally put in a calendar alert for a walk outside listening to a favorite podcast, a home pedicure, a little yoga and tea time or a fun holiday movie on Hallmark! I also have started to love getting in bed a little early (easier now that it is darker out so early) and using that time to decompress from the day and read a book!

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