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5 Easy Ways to Make Yoga a Healthy Habit

#1 Do it first thing in the morning!

This is typically the easiest time to add anything in your day!

Set your alarm for 10-20 minutes earlier than usual. Set up your yoga mat in a quiet space before you go to bed at night. Pick out a video or flow to follow the might before.

Take 3 deep breaths and GO!

#2 Take an online class

There are so many online yoga offerings that you can try out a bunch of different types and see what you enjoy the most or maybe you like mixing it up! 

#3 Set up a yoga space at home

Find a quiet place in your home where you can fit a yoga mat, a space with natural night is awesome for during the day and a space with indirect light for a nighttime practice. Maybe a candle or plant to decorate the space. Keep a bolster, pillow , props and maybe a blanket for savasana nearby. Get cozy!

#4 Try to schedule your practice for the same time

every day (or every week.)

By scheduling it into your regular routine, doing it most days if not every day and around the same time will help you stick to it .

Your body will start to look forward to the benefits of movement and you will want to practice regardless of what your mind is telling you! (Trust me it works!)

#5 Know your excuses and get smarter than them!

You know you will wake up and say " oh it is Friday I am taking the day off" You tell that little voice that this is your time and you will feel better after! Plan ahead for any excuse you may try to tell yourself so you can battle that excuse and hit the mat to take care of you!

Trust me friends! I went from no practice to a daily practice by following these exact steps, for most people it will not happen overnight but keep going, follow the steps and reach out to me, I am here to support you!

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